Digital ATM Advertising

Target your customers at the moment they receive their cash with ATM branding and receipt advertising.

PAI/digital atm advertising solutions include atm branding and atm receipt advertising.

Our ATM Advertising and rewards solutions are designed to reach a very targeted audience and help maximize our customer’s success.

Advertise Your Brand with ATMs

ATM 503 has developed a variety of solutions you seek, local ATM services you desire, specifically designed for consumer-facing ATMs.

ATM branding Programs

  • Digital ATM screen advertising
  • ATM receipt advertising and couponing
  • Mobile “opt in” capabilities at the ATM for rewards programs

We have multiple location-based advertising solutions that can be used to target consumers.

Placed-based advertising is an extension of your brand – on a network of ATMs that you select – for unique geography-targeted marketing campaigns.

ATM Advertising Programs

  • ATM Branding – Merchandisers, businesses, and financial institutions of all types/sizes can easily use our network of ATMs to promote their services to a targeted audience. By strategically placing special branding/promotional materials directly onto our ATMs, customers that frequent retail locations where our ATMs are located can easily recognize your brand or advertisement.
  • Digital ATM Screen and ATM Receipt Advertising – Easily advertise your products and services directly to attentive cardholders who are conducting ATM transactions.
  • ATM Receipt Couponing – Use back of receipt advertising to promote specific businesses, merchandise and/or limited time offers to cardholders who are using our ATMs on a daily basis.
  • Mobile “opt in” capabilities at the ATM for Rewards Programs – Our unique ATM interface allows customers to sign up directly at the ATM to receive discounts and special offers on their mobile phone.
  • On Target Marketing – Once customers sign up at the ATM to receive promotions, participating businesses can send emails and text messages through our email and mobile marketing solutions.