Latest and Greatest ATM Lands in Portland

Halo 2

The latest and greatest ATM landed in Portland on November 15th, 2013.

This ATM is equipped with the bells and whistles every ATM owner wants. Not to mention this ATM can work like a powerhouse, with low rejection rates and little maintenance.

The first improvement that has been added to this ATM is the glowing circle that illuminates the keypad. This has two positive effects: foremost it keeps the keypad illuminated, so no more customers complaining about being able to see the keypad in your bar or club. The latter effect is the changing color draws customers to the machine, people can’t help but want to walk up to this machine and find out what is going on. More customers walking up to ATM’s means more transactions which means more money in your business.

The second improvement that has been added to this ATM is the compact design. This ATM has the performance of a larger ATM with the size of a bar stool with a back on it. This means an increase in profits per square foot. Without increasing the typical cost of an ATM, it maintains cost level with the current fleet leader the Tranax C4000.

All in all the Halo ATM has bumped up the bar on an acceptable ATM to have in your location. By going with this ATM you won’t disappoint your customers or yourself.

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