Why You Need an ATM?

Why You Need an ATM

1. An ATM increases sales because it allows your customers to access all of their available cash from bankcards, credit cards, etc., from anywhere in the world.

2. Besides the rebates earned for transactions on the ATM, the big profit is from the additional sales from the thousands of extra dollars available in your facility.

3. An ATM transaction is guaranteed and eliminates charge backs, disputes, credit card fees and bad checks.

4. An ATM provides more security for you, your employees and customers by providing less risk of robbery and employee theft.

5. You reduce significantly or eliminate the credit card fees you are currently paying by directing your customers to the ATM.

6. An ATM saves employees time and customer embarrassment.

7. With an ATM, your customer makes electronic deposits directly into your bank account, which saves you both time and work.

8. Your potential customers will no longer have to stop at your competitors to get cash (and spend it there).

9. You will have customers stopping at your place of business because the competition cannot accommodate their needs.

10.When you provide new and unique services for your patrons, your image is improved.

11.40% of regular ATM users go to the ATM an average of 10 times per month, each withdrawal is on average $75.00.

US Research Shows That:

1. ATM users will spend 20% more than a non – ATM customer.

2. Store owners are seeing 20% to 40% of the cash dispensed stay in their stores.

3. Nightclub owners report that 70% to 80% of the cash dispensed stay in their clubs.

4. 65% to 90% of all ATM transactions are cash withdrawals, with non banking ATM’s being 80% to 95% cash withdrawals.

5. 7-11 stores report that over half of all customers using ATM’s transact a purchase and volumes continue to grow.

6. Consumers prefer the convenience of a retail store ATM to that of a bank.
7. Consumers take ATM locations into consideration when planning a purchase.

8. ATM’s are the second most requested service for retail stores.