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Here is a basic page layout with no sidebar


Adjusting the padding on the full width row above (it is currently set to 250px above and below – did not actually change the padding.



The image in the “blurb” module below is not showing until we mouseover the image – please fix.


Images or Icons are not showing.


Bullets do not show in the following list:

  • Portland
  • Bend
  • Beaverton
  • Lake Oswego


For Charles:

<IMAGE Below>

I need larger images


enlarge to (960 x 360)

atm503leaseanatm Debit and Credit Card Processing from ATM 503 buy-an-atm home-left-for-events home-middle-free-placement ATM Machine Service and Repair from ATM 503

Issue One – Full Width Rows aren’t full width.

The row above this one is a Full Width Header – but it doesn’t expand to the full width of the page. Please fix that.

Also please make sure that when we click “Make this row full width” that a row also expands. That option is selected for this row, so when it’s done this row should be wider.

Issue Two – Top Padding on Full Width Row Above is set to 0, but there is still padding.

Please make it so that our custom padding settings work so that we can make the full row header have 0 space at the top of the page.

Issue Three – The image that is supposed to be showing next is missing

The image that is missing below (or is covered up) is a foreground image using the Image Module. Please fix so that it displays correctly and all images work on all pages.

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