ATM Portfolio Sales

ATM portfolio sales help you get more for your ATM portfolio

If you have an ATM portfolio that you would like to get rid of, ATM 503 can help you with your needs.  We know that there are times that you want to unload an entire portfolio, or just a few ATMs.  The reasons often range from illness to inability to maintain the machines, but the results can often be the same.

Fair market value for your machine

If you need to get rid of your ATM portfolio, it’s likely that you want to see some kind of a fair return on your investment.  This can be tricky, because ATM machines tend to depreciate fairly quickly.  Unfortunately, it’s not like selling other types of property.

When you don’t know what your portfolio is worth, it can make it hard to know how much you should be asking for it.  That’s why ATM 503 works to help you understand the value of your portfolio, and then works to ensure that you get fair market value for it.

Someone on your side

If you need to unload your ATM portfolio and you try to do so on your own, without knowing what you should be asking, it can feel like a daunting task.  Talking to the wrong people about your machines and contracts can cost you in the long run, but if you don’t ask, you won’t know if a person is really interested.

ATM 503 can help you take the right steps in your ATM portfolio sales so you can sell it for fair market value.